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River to Valley Initiatives, Inc.

Real Estate Development, housing, and community development.

This 8.19-acre property fronts the bypass and has views of the great Mississippi River. 

The area tourism spending of over $10 Million lends the business proposition of a successful residential stay, special event and spa development as the first right hand turn from Iowa. The traffic counts are good, and a business could build on area economics.

Development partners and investors are possible for this incredible opportunity for the creation of something new--an exurban place that is like no other, and embraces the best of the future, the past, rural, small town and well served communities--hospital, theatre, airport, and a convenient location.

The rendering shows many possibilities, but final plans and property use restrictions have not been established. Fueling/Recharging station and general store, extended and virtual learning, memory care or spa, and multi levels of residential housing that appeal to young or established professionals, retirees, trail system connections, gardens, and hospitality --all are possible.

Contact River to Valley Initiatives, Inc. today so we can explore development partnerships.

JD Milburn, VP 608-957-6080 [email protected]

Julia Henley, President 608-792-9994 [email protected]

RVI building a quality development will create a lasting legacy for the citizens and support the history of the area

JD Milburn, Vice President, River to Valley Initiatives, Inc.


RVI and its development associates have already invested significantly in Prairie du Chien, because we believe the unique location.  Adjacent supportive services are ideal for recreation, tech, medicine, logistics for business,  and housng.  The City has an important and fascinating historic past, but we believe in the future of smaller cities and how that will impact positively the Driftless Region.  

To date, over $20 million in the past 5 years relating to housing alone have been accomplished, with full occupancy immediately and currently.  

We want to double that investment in the next 5 years, alongside so many that are also creating and investing in something very special in Prairie du Chien. 

2020 has been a tough year, but it is possible in smaller cities to rebound with small business, Main street, adaptive reuse of historic properties,smart new mulit faceeted development,  and embracing and protecting our incredible natural resources while facilitating new recreational access.  

Local industry and medical facilities and technology all play a role in shared success. Reaching across the great Mississippi River to adjacent community plays a role.  The opportunity is here and now.

We build for the future,  we respect the past, and we believe in the beauty of community.  

--JD Henley,  President, RVI