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River to Valley Initiatives, Inc.

Real Estate Development, housing, and community development.

Smaller City investment in 2020 makes good sense!

RVI is a non profit committed to community development, disaster recovery, stable neighborhoods and housing development within the Driftless Region.  

We develop infill in your community to maximize your neighborhood potential, and mitigate blight.

We work with renters and buyers to develop business plans and financing packages to secure property and to stimulate investment.

We find ways to brand and market your community and strengthen your main street with you.

We work with you to connect the opportunity that is present in all sorts of challenges with a success oriented plan to go forward.

We work with you to recover and thrive by connecting smart decision making with resources to grow business, housing, and community assets.

We invite you to look at our innovative solutions to historic adaptive reuse (See Wyalusing under PROJECTS), Neighborhood Stabilization and how it transforms a community tax base, and Disaster Recovery, which comes in all shapes and sizes.

MISSION: River to Valley Initiative (RVI) . is a broad based charitable organization, serving economically challenged communities to provide relief to poor, distressed, and the underprivileged in rural communities, thereby lessening the burdens of government, and by combating community deterioration through a holistic approach by working to establish long term sustainable economies.

We work to find, plan, and implement innovative projects that through public and private participation, can change a disaster --empty storefronts, blighted neighborhoods, closing business, natural disaster, and poor marketing and business development into an opportunity for growth and renewal.

We partner with business, communities, and regions--working to build community assets, revitalize a neighborhood, preserve architectural assets and historic structures through adaptive re-use strategies, or inspire a region.

Economic development is a broad goal, but simply stated it comes down to the development of local communities. Lasting and sustainable community development embraces affordable housing options, appealing activities and infrastructure investment in transportation, trails, and parks, unique offerings in events and tourism, provides for vital services, and ensures success with optimizing marketing services and online presence.

Innovative Planned Development

We understand the need and the opportunities that come with combining PUBLIC & PRIVATE investment to get a project launched, and completed. Tell us your vision. We can likely help!

Stabilized neighborhoods--and families

Neighborhoods benefit from homes that are turned around from blight to places that anyone would be happy to call home--affordable, healthy, safe, and appealing.