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River to Valley Initiatives, Inc.

Real Estate Development, housing, and community development.

NEW IN 2020--Wyalusing Commons--a Planned Urban Community--8+ acres available now in prime location within the Driftless Region.  Call  NOW for prospectus.  We are assembling partnerships for the project as well as financial incentives.

Click on the link below to see the 3 minute 2020 video explaining the project:

At the confluence of the Wisconsin and Mississippi rivers, in the heart of the Driftless Region, awaits the opportunity ofthe Wyalusing  Commons.  

Narration from the 2018 video:

Centrally located within a population of 18 million, and easily accessible within half a day or less of driving distance, this property is central to the scenic wonder and majesty of our mightiest rivers and bluffs that still grace this region.

Wyalusing Commons is one of the most historically significant locations in the Midwest.  Here is the epic story, and the very location of the settlement of North America: A river out post-- built on exploration, abundant wildlife, fur trade, and survival.  It is the scene of pivotal moments of medicine, education, war, peace, and geo-political forces in time-- like no other.

Opened in 2019, 42 apartments now comprise the National History Register  building now named Lawler School Lofts.  All 42 units were quickly leased upon opening, illustrating the need and desire for young and older professionals, retirees, entrepreneurs, and families to be part of this community, and live at Wyalusing Commons.

Wyalusing Commons,now awaits its next chapter, that of a destination and a future worthy of the past, and poised to embrace the future.  Development plans are flexible at this time, but investors and partnerships for the second phase of land develpment are now being sought. 

We believe that the future is "exurbia" for many people, all of us easily connecting to resources and the internet, and smaller groupings and communities that yearn for affordable housing, good schools, outdoor connection, winding trails connecting smartly built and appealing structures and landscaping incorporating gardens of all sizes and types.  Small town living with services close by such as a state of the art hospital, large community theatre, opportunities for entrepreneurship, a regional airport and fiber that connects us to the world.  

Located within the Driftless Region, Wyalusing Commons is next to some of the most important migratory paths for a variety of birds, fishing and hunting close by, and recreational opportunites. 

Planned carefully this is within reach at Wyalusing Commonswithin a special environment appealing to young and older.

With thoughtful development, Wyalusing  Commons will be a destination of peace, contemplation, comfort, beauty, adventure, and recreational escape like no other.  Join us.


Contact either JD or Julia to know more about significant ways to become part of a the development of this spectacular and unique property.  ‚Äč

Phase 1, Lawler Lofts by Commonwealth Develpment, is now completed, with 42 spacious and affordable apartments in the 1880s historic building. More demand for housing and a fully planned community  is needed. 

ALL 42 Apartments have been filled since opening in 2018!!!! The demand for housing and innovative development in Prairie du Chien that embraces the needs of the future is high!

For the adjacent 8+ acre surrounding property, this spectacular  regional and local opportunity can 

become the future for small city development  in the heart of the Driftless Region's Midwest.  

For qualified developers and investors in the properties' parceled or planned development, there are public / private partnership opportunities depending on what the specific plan is for the acreage which can offset development costs to achieve shared desired results.  

PUD (Planned Urban Develpment) is possible, incorporating a variety of residence types  and smart development standards that ensure comfort, affordabilty, and access to the unique outdoor and small community opportunities.  


Call Julia at 608-792-9994 or email at [email protected]


Not everyone is keen on the hustle and bustle of large cities, but easy access is desirable.  For you, a place to escape to and recreate and relax in partial or full retirement, starting a small business, or commuting to work via the internet may sound wonderfully peaceful and productive.  Wyalusing Commons could  mean for some a place to dig in, call home, and create something all yours with smart entrepreneurship.  

The City of Prairie du Chien already exists and has existed since the start of settlement in the United States.  

The future opportunties possible in the development of Wyalusing Commons is available  right now.  It means a dream of something that brings the best of what is possible in smaller towns, the great outdoors, but fully connected  while enjoying fresh air and community.  

Exurbia is about the complexity and offerings that a city can have, providing more  comfort, accessibilty,  and interest and oppportunities than just suburbia, rural living, or a large city .

That's the new version of what smaller town living can be.  This location is unique and like no other regionally  or nationally and deserves careful development.  Join us in its development for the brightest future.


--Julia Henley, President, RVI