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River to Valley Initiatives, Inc.

Real Estate Development, housing, and community development.

J.D. Milburn

As Downtown Business Specialist for the State of Wisconsin for over 13 years, and extensive commercial financial lending experience, J.D., has executed over 20 business recruitment campaigns, and consulted with over 2,500 businesses in a one-to-one situation.

Within his team, he has assisted to create 4,599 new businesses, 20,492 jobs, which created over $935 Million in new tax base, and over $1,244 Billion in downtown public and private investor confidence. 

He is successful at attracting funds and talent within many strata of financial resources, including institutional, pensions, insurance firms, Wall Street public resources and individual match making of business funding needs. JD understands the needs of our communities, from a comprehensive plan, complex financial resources, to cutting edge marketing solutions, and has the expertise to assemble the project resources needed to benefit our communities.

Phone: 608.957.6080

Email: [email protected]

Julia Henley

Julia has over 20 years’ experience as a designer, community developer, planning professional, and project manager in housing and commercial design, including hospitality, assisted living, community development, and business start-ups, for both public and private projects. Excelling at strategic planning, creative project visioning, communications and public relations, Julia has often provided leadership for the implementation of complex and ground breaking development projects, including Centering Onalaska (1998)—a main street revitalization effort, founded Clearwater Farm Foundation (1999)--which still operates a working farmlet located within the city to demonstrate and teach guiding principals of living with the land, and which resulted in preservation of historic property and adaptive reuse of its buildings. She managed ancillary development and educational opportunities, and worked to expand access to green space, trails and bluffs for the community. 

In addition to consulting to developers, contractors, and homeowners, she developed Savannah Village (2006) , a planned community, as well as a number of private developments and projects throughout the Midwest. She has served as local Recovery & Development Director for the relocation of flooded community Gays Mills (2010-2013), managing and leveraging state and federal recovery funds from local, state and federal sources to double the value in tax base. She currently develops new and blighted property within the region.

With her commitment to the ongoing promotion and economic development within the region, she also partners with H2integration to publish “DriftlessNotes”, a weekly Driftless Region online news and original content source. She is a board member of Sustainable Driftless, a non profit working to protect, brand, develop, and market the Driftless Region through educational materials, digital media, film, and print.

A career long commitment to sustainable solutions means working to achieve a balance between economic growth, historic respect, and environmental protection and development has resulted in “win-win” results in projects and for partners and team members. She is a speaker on topics ranging from design to community involvement to disaster recovery, as well as writer, planner, and designer.

Phone: 608.792.9994

Email: [email protected]